About Us


The Co-Founder of My Audiobook Library was a long-time career person who worked extremely long hours every day for a Fortune 100 company that forced him to endure a long daily commute. The job was stressful and the commute was horrendous since the office was an hour away from his home. As he complained to his friends and family about his daily commute, a friend gave him an audiobook to listen to in his car. After listening to this first audiobook, he was hooked. Instead of dreading the long commute, he was now looking forward to the escape it brought him from daily stresses. Finally, after 6 years with a two hour long commute each day, he was able to listen to over 130 unabridged audiobooks and looked forward to his drive to and from work.


How many of you can relate to a stressful job and long commute? This is why was created. We believe there are many people out there that are in a similar situation but have never heard of audiobooks, and definitely don’t know that they can be downloaded instantly onto their computers and then to their MP3 Players so they can listen to their favorite books while on the go. We would like to help spread the word to the masses on how great audiobooks are and how they can greatly improve your quality of life.


According to a 2011 U.S. Census Bureau survey on commuting, over 75% of the nation’s workers drive to work alone and the average daily commute is over 25 minutes each way. This means that the average worker in the U.S. spends 200 hours on average commuting in their cars each year, and 75% are driving alone. In 2011, Arbitron (the leading radio ratings company) conducted a survey and found that only 9% of respondents listened to audiobooks while driving in their car, while 84% listened to their AM/FM radio. We know it’s difficult to listen to the same songs over and over again, and radio doesn’t help make the drive less stressful. If people were to use their 200 hours of time each year during their commute and listen to audiobooks, they would be able to listen to around 20 unabridged audiobooks per year (based on an average audiobook length of 10 hours). But most people could not afford to buy 20 unabridged audiobooks per year since it would cost around $700 based on an average price of $35 per audiobook. This is another great benefit of becoming a member of Those same 20 unabridged audiobooks would cost around $200 based on an average price of $10 per audiobook (this is a savings of 70% versus retail). My Audiobook Library is a tremendous value and makes the world of audiobooks available to everyone.


Since commuting is stressful and most people’s jobs are stressful, we believe that everyone who has a daily commute to work, that is 20 minutes or longer each way, should be listening to audiobooks. Technology has made it possible and affordable to connect an MP3 Player or other listening device to a car’s existing stereo system and listen to an audiobook through the car’s speakers. In fact, you can listen to an audiobook on your MP3 Player while you are exercising, running errands, or simply on the go.


Plus, when was the last time you read a good book? If you are in the majority of people out there, you are too busy to read. And the only time that you get to yourself is during your daily commute. So make the most of your commute and choose to listen to an audiobook of your choosing and escape the stresses of life. Audiobooks have a way of magically transporting the listener to another place and time and taking you on a real adventure.


We wish you well on your audiobook journey and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. And if you feel so inclined, help us spread the word about audiobooks and tell your friends and family.