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How My Audiobook Library Works



Sign Up


From the Sign Up page, choose a Monthly membership plan that includes 1 or 2 Credits per month based on your listening preference, or choose an A La Carte plan and receive 1 Credit instantly. Credits are the easy way to purchase audiobooks vs shopping by price. Credits are given when payment is made and can be used to purchase audiobooks. Most audiobooks cost 1 Credit, although some cost ½, 1½, or 2 Credits, depending on the book's length.


When deciding which membership plan is right for you, you should consider how many hours per week you will be able to listen to an audiobook. For example, if you plan to listen to audiobooks during your daily commute and it takes you 30 minutes to get to work and 30 minutes to get home from work, then you will have about 20 hours of commuting time each month and you should consider signing up for the "Nobel (2 Audiobooks)" Plan. If you listen to more for a given month, you can easily purchase additional Credits through the "Buy More Credits" link from your "My Account" page (after you are Signed In).


There are no long-term commitments and you can cancel at any time.


After you have signed up for a Membership Plan, you should now have the appropriate number of Credits applied to your account, available for use immediately. Credits will not expire and will continue to rollover to the next month if not used, as long as the member has an active account and is signed up for a membership plan. You are now ready to search for your first audiobook to download.


Browse / Search for Audiobooks


Now that you have signed up for a membership plan and have Credits in your account, it’s time to browse for audiobooks and/or conduct a search. Browse thousands of audiobooks by clicking on the Browse Books link in the top menu of every page, then browse through Popular Books (upper left corner of the page) such as Best Sellers, Award Winners, or Recently Added. Or choose from one of our main Audiobook Subjects (left side of the page) and expand them to see the specific genres. Each page can be customized by changing the “Sort By” and “View” dropdowns located at the top and bottom of each page of audiobooks. Keep in mind, if you choose a different option from the "View" dropdown, the pages will take longer to load since there are more audiobooks that will be displayed on each page. Also, it is easy to navigate through several pages since each page number can be clicked on to quickly jump to that page. Note, if there is a "Next>>" displayed to the right of the page numbers, then there are additional pages beyond the page numbers that are shown. Be sure to click on the "Next>>" link to view the additional pages.


If you enjoy listening to a great Series, we’ve made it simple to find a specific series by clicking on the series name hyperlink or searching for a specific series in the advanced search box at the top of each page. And it will be easy to see which books are included in a series and what number they are within that series. This information is shown in the audiobooks list view as well as the detailed view for each audiobook. Besides searching by series, a search can also be made by title, author, narrator, keyword, publisher, or ISBN. At, we have made a great effort to make the website user friendly and efficient so finding the right audiobook is a breeze. If you are looking for a specific title and we don't have it yet, keep looking in the future since we are adding new titles every week.


Add Audiobooks toMy Wish List


If you want to listen to a specific series in the proper order, books by your favorite author, or even a book within a certain genre, you simply have to add the book to your wish list by clicking on the “Add to Wish List” hyperlink under each audiobook (just be sure you are Signed In first). Then once you’ve completed your audiobook, you can go to your “My Wish List” to check out all the books still remaining. And don’t worry, you can easily delete books that you’ve added to your “My Wish List” if you change your mind or finish listening to one. Or, to simply view the audiobooks that you’ve added to your “My Wish List”, just click on the “My Wish List” link in the upper right corner of the page after you’re Signed In. Also be sure to listen to an audio sample of a book by clicking on the “Sample” button under each audiobook’s cover art. It’s up to you. Add a lot of audiobooks to your wish list or add a few, either way it’s fun to develop your audiobook wish list because it’s all yours, made just the way you like it.


Download to Your Computer


Now that you’ve developed your wish list and you know which audiobook you’d like to download first, you need to decide which format you want to download. There are two formats available for audiobooks, MP3 and M4B. We recommend reading through the details in the “Which Audio Format? ” link, but the main thing to know is that MP3 files will play on nearly all MP3 Players including older models as well as smartphones and tablets. M4B files will play on Apple products only, including an iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They each have their pros and cons so be sure to review the details before you choose which audio format to download. There are two formats available for eBooks, ePUB and PDF. We recommend reading through the details in the “Which eBook Format? ” link, but the main thing to know is that ePUB files are a common format for eBooks and will play on nearly all tablets and smartphones. The only exception to this is the Amazon Kindle line of products. So choose the ePUB format unless you have a Kindle.


Ok, so now you’re ready to download your first digital audiobook and/or eBook to your computer. For step-by-step directions on how to do this, please review the Download Guide located in the top menu of every page. But the high level summary is as follows:


  • Step 1: Sign In, Choose Audiobook and/or eBook, and Click a Download Button
  • Step 2: Install Required Software
    • Install Connect Software onto Mac
    • Install Connect Software onto PC
  • Step 3: Copy & Paste 25 Digit Code into Connect Installer
  • Step 4: Download Audiobook or eBook to Your Computer
  • Step 5: Transfer Audiobook or eBook to Your Device
    • Transfer Audiobook to an Apple Device
    • Transfer Audiobook to a Non-Apple Device
    • Transfer eBook to a Device
  • Listening Tips




Each Audiobook is Yours to Keep Forever


Although you become a subscription-based member of, you are not renting or borrowing the audiobooks. You are actually purchasing each audiobook you download and it is yours to keep forever. You can store each book you download on your home computer and build your own library of audiobooks, or you can let store your library of audiobooks for you and you can download them as many times as you want without having to re-purchase the same title again. Each audiobook you download is tracked in your “My Library” including the unique 25-digit Code that’s required to download the audiobook. So there is no need to store your audiobook files after you’ve enjoyed them, let us store your audiobooks for you on our secure servers.


No Commitments


No Long-term Commitment. You can cancel your membership at any time. So, what are you waiting for? Sign Up today and download audiobooks for up to 70% off retail and only $11 per audiobook.