The Civil War: A Narrative, Vol. 1

The Civil War: A Narrative, Vol. 1

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Title The Civil War: A Narrative, Vol. 1
Author Shelby Foote
Narrator Grover Gardner
Publisher Blackstone Audio
Publish Date 12-09-2008
Series # The Civil War,#1
Edition Unabridged
Length 37 hours 24 minutes 
Award  National Book Award , Runner-Up , 1964
ISBN-13 9781433287909
Date Added 03-14-2014
Fort Sumter to Perryville

Here begins one of the most remarkable works of history ever fashioned. All the great battles are here, of course, from Bull Run through Shiloh, the Seven Days Battles, and Antietam, but so are the smaller ones: Ball’s Bluff, Fort Donelson, Pea Ridge, Island Ten, New Orleans, and Monitor versus Merrimac.

The word “narrative” is the key to this extraordinary book’s incandescence and its truth. The story is told entirely from the point of view of the people involved in it. One learns not only what was happening on all fronts but also how the author discovered it during his years of exhaustive research.

This first volume in Shelby Foote’s comprehensive history is a must-listen for anyone interested in one of the bloodiest wars in America’s history.

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