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Title Ringworld
Author Larry Niven
Narrator Grover Gardner
Publisher Blackstone Audio
Publish Date 06-24-2005
Series # Ringworld Series,#1
Edition Unabridged
Length 11 hours 16 minutes 
Award  Hugo Award , Winner , 1971 ;  Nebula Award , Winner , 1970 ;  Locus Award , Winner , 1971
AR Book Level 5.3
AR Points 16.0
AR Quiz # 150657
ISBN-13 9781441760418
Date Added 03-20-2014
The artifact is a vast circular ribbon of matter, some 180 million miles across, with a sun at its center. Pierson’s puppeteers--strange, three-legged, two-headed aliens--discovered this “Ringworld” in a hitherto unexplored part of the galaxy. Curious about the immense structure, but frightened by the prospect of meeting the builders, they set about assembling a team to explore it:

Louis Wu, human--old and bored with having lived too fully for too many years, seeking an adventure, and all too capable of handling it.

Nessus, puppeteer--a trembling coward from a species with an inbuilt survival pattern of nonviolence. This particular puppeteer, however, is insane.

Speaker-to-Animals, kzin--large, orange-furred, and carnivorous. The kzin are one of the most savage life-forms known.

The party’s expedition, however, goes disastrously wrong when their ship crash-lands and its motley crew faces a daunting trek across thousands of miles of Ringworld territory.

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