Membership Benefits

The My Audiobook Library Difference

“Thousands of Titles Available, with New Audiobooks Added Every Week”

There are thousands of audiobooks available for instant download, and the inventory will continue to grow with new audiobooks added every week. To view the audiobooks that have been added within the last 3 months, view the Recently Added category of "Popular Books". If you are looking for a specific title and we don't have it yet, keep looking in the future since we are adding new titles every week.

“Fastest Download Speeds”

My Audiobook Library has integrated a world-class downloader system that incorporates the latest technology to deliver large digital audiobooks to our customers in the fastest way possible. What makes our downloader system better?


Our multi-connection and optimized download engine gets the top speed from your existing broadband. The audiobooks are stored in the same highly scalable, reliable, secure, and fast infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. Most audiobooks will be able to be downloaded in 5-15 minutes, depending on the user’s connection speed and size of the audiobook.


Not only can you pause and resume downloads, but the downloader app won’t lose any downloaded data even if the machine crashes, so no need to download everything again if something goes wrong.


The downloader checks archives for corruption and retrieves new versions of files if they are corrupt.


The downloader works for both Windows and Mac computers, which means that it works on every machine regardless of versions or updates installed.


All communication is encrypted with 1024-bit RSA public-key cryptography, so network sniffers can’t make use of any information or links.

“Listen on Any Device, including MP3 Players, Smartphones, and Tablets”

There are two formats available for audiobooks, MP3 and M4B. We recommend reading through the details in the “Which Audio Format? ” link, but the main thing to know is that MP3 files are a common format for audio files and can be played on nearly all MP3 Players including older models, as well as many smartphones and tablets. Choosing the MP3 format will ensure compatibility with nearly any portable audio player. M4B files will play on Apple products only, including an iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They each have their pros and cons so be sure to review the details before you choose which audio format to download.

“Each Audiobook you Download is Yours to keep Forever”

Although you become a subscription-based member of, you are not renting or borrowing the audiobooks. You are actually purchasing each audiobook you download and it is yours to keep forever. You can store each book on your home computer and build your own library of audiobooks, or you can let store your library of books for you and you can download them as many times as you want without having to re-purchase the same title again.

“Innovative Credit System Makes Purchasing Audiobooks Easy versus Shopping by Price, Plus Credits Never Expire”

Credits are the easy way to purchase audiobooks versus shopping by price. Credits are given when payment is made and can be used to purchase audiobooks. Most audiobooks cost 1 Credit, although some cost ½, 1½, or 2 Credits, depending on the book's length. The unlimited classic audiobooks cost 0 Credits. Using ½ Credits allows members to get two audiobooks for the price of one. If you need more Credits to purchase the audiobook that you want, it's easy to purchase additional Credits through the "Buy More Credits" link from your "My Account" page (after you are Signed In). Plus, Credits will never expire and will continue to rollover to the next month if not used, as long as the member has an active account and is signed up for a membership plan.

“Sign Up for a Monthly Plan or Purchase One Audiobook at a Time (A La Carte)”

We offer both Monthly membership plans as well as the ability to purchase one audiobook at a time. There are two Monthly membership plans available that offer 1 or 2 Credits per month. Or, if your schedule doesn't allow you to listen to audiobooks on a consistent basis, you can purchase 1 Credit at a time (A La Carte). Either way, you will be saving a significant amount of money by using Credits versus purchasing audiobooks by price.

“Easy to Find and Listen to your Favorite Series of Audiobooks in the Proper Order”

We love to listen to our favorite series of audiobooks. There are many great series of books out there and they are a great way to know what to listen to next. It’s nice to start with the first book in a series and continue in order until you get to the very last one. An advantage to listening to audiobooks in a series is that you get to know the characters and then travel with them on many different adventures. At, it will be easy to know which books are part of a series and what number they are within that series. This information is included in the audiobooks list view as well as the detailed view for each audiobook. To get all of the books within a series, just click on the series name hyperlink or search for a specific series in the advanced search box at the top of each page.

“No Waiting for Your Favorites to become available - all are Available for Instant Download”

We have thousands of digital audiobooks available for instant download by our members. Libraries are great, but their patrons have to wait their turn for an audiobook to become available, then after they finally get to check it out, they must listen to it quickly before it is due back to the library. At, you will never have to wait before you can download an audiobook that is in our library and you will never have to return it after you download it. If the title you want is in our library, then it is always available for instant download to your computer and MP3 Player or other listening device.

“Get Audiobooks for up to 70% Off Retail, Only $10 per Audiobook”

We believe that listening to audiobooks will greatly improve your overall mood while reducing stress. Because of this, we want to spread the word about how great listening to audiobooks is and want to make them available to as many new listeners as possible. To help with this, we will keep our prices low so our members can save as much money as possible and still get the best possible service. Members who sign up for the "Nobel (2 Audiobooks)" Plan will get each Credit for only $10. When the retail price for an audiobook costs as much as $34.99, this provides a savings of 70% Off Retail. So make the most of your commute, exercise, travels, or whatever keeps you on the go and listen to audiobooks. You’ll feel good and save money.