Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War

Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War

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Title Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War
Narrator Bronson Pinchot
Publisher Blackstone Audio
Publish Date 03-23-2010
Series # ,
Edition Unabridged
Length 21 hours 11 minutes 
ISBN-13 9781441742339
Date Added 01-31-2014
The novel is set during the winter monsoon season of 1968-69 on and around a fire support base called Matterhorn, located in the mountains of the remote north-western corner of Quang-Tri Province. The protagonist, a young and ambitious Marine lieutenant, wants to command a company to further his civilian political ambitions. Two people stand in his way. The first is a well-loved, combat-weary lieutenant of his own age, who desperately wants out of the bush, but who does not want to leave his Marines with an inexperienced and overly ambitious officer. The second is an angry young leader of the company s radical blacks, who has all the political skill, savvy, and ambition of the protagonist. As the protagonist experiences the costs of combat, he sees the terrible results of his ambition and starts to change, learning that compassion and heart are more important than ambition and skill. A bonus PDF is included, with maps, a Chain of Command hierarchy, a glossary, and other interesting facts and information. To access the PDF follow this link:
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